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Linkboard - Easy to use, in-depth
analyzer and visualizer of all links
and dependencies of any JQL query

In addition to standard links, Linkboard is capable of displaying project dependencies from Portfolio addon, Epic links, subtasks, external web links and wiki links giving you the full overview of any dependency.

Works with any JQL query

Linkboard is capable of visualizing all dependencies of any JQL query. It is capable even of displaying multi-level dependencies in a simple to track manner.

Capable of identifying bottleneck issues

Linkboard highlights most crucial issues, signalizing where to put your focus first. This feature is fully compatible with multiple quick filters included in this addon.

"Linkboard" is a versatile tool that has multiple appliances:

  • A Coordinator can keep tracking only crucial dependencies of specific release
  • A Manager can track detail progress of any defined in Jira Portfolio addon plan
  • Development teams can identify and prioritize cross-team dependencies
  • During planning, crucial issues (blockers) can be identified and later reprioritized
  • Bussines Analytic can check if documentation (Confluence links) are properly connected with Sprint Backlog
  • A Tester can easily visualize the impact of new Bug by easy to use link creation functionality
  • Service Desk Manager can delegate work connected with the customer request and trace the progress of this issue
  • Each user can update the status of each dependency

All those possible appliances are possible just by selection of existing in Jira filter (or writing new JQL) and by selection of "quick filters".

NOTE: Linkboard addon is supporting Jira Service Desk and Jira Portfolio

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